The most important date in the calendar for all SAP partners is the annual SMB Innovation Summit. It’s an opportunity to see the latest developments, discuss the future and be inspired by new projects. Come along and enhance your portfolio. Offer your customers new options and realise additional revenue potential with new partnerships.

Market demand Customers have infinite needs. Those who can recognise and satisfy them can increase their revenue and their profit.
Cooperation Nobody can do everything alone. Build cooperation and forge new partnerships in order to develop the best solutions for your customers.
Grow your customer base Be part of new solutions. As business evolve, so do their requirements for forward-looking solutions.

Top topic
Document Information Extraction

One of the most exciting developments of our time is artificial intelligence. We are already using them in many areas of our lives. And it is also being used more and more in companies. For example in the automatic processing of invoices and delivery notes.

This is where AI is used to identify all relevant values ​​on receipts, process them and put them in the right places, e.g. to be made available in SAP documents. With each processed receipt, the artificial intelligence "learns" and thus continuously improves itself.

New UX

Simplified and user-friendly application

Additional Functions

More options than you think

More Pricing Models

The right solution for every company size

We’ll see you...

This year you’ll find us at the summit in Houston and Dublin. At our stand we’ll take the time to talk to you about the possibilities of automatic external document capture. We look forward to seeing our existing partners and those who we’ve not yet had the honour of meeting.


Houston (TX): Oct. 18th - 20th 2021

JW Marriott Houston


Dublin (Ireland): Nov. 24th - 26th 2021

Dublin Convention Center

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